I'm Ashley.


I'm a UX Designer and Researcher studying Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle.


I study interactions between people and technology and investigate innovative ways to create more meaningful experiences.  My goal is to prioritize user experiences and give a voice to the users of a product, system, or service.


I am currently seeking a full-time opportunity to use my thoughtful, evidence-based approach to design to contribute to meaningful projects with a positive impact. I am passionate about using the human centered design process to create inclusive, and engaging solutions to complex problems. 


I am also a...


Dancer and lover of social dancing.  I have been dancing for the past three years and absolutely love the community, the music, and the dance.  I teach beginner lessons and choreograph team performances with UW Salsa Club


Traveler who spent a semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain.  I spent four months practicing my Spanish, exploring Europe, and making friends with students from all over the world.  Other recent destinations include Thailand, Morrocco, and Portugal!

Artist experimenting with photography and mixed media collage.  I won an award for the art portfolio I created for my IB Art class and exhibited at the Oregon Scholastics Art Show.  I recently created a mural in Barcelona that comes to life as a GIF on the web.  

aboone06@uw.edu | (971) 732 9246


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